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How To Catch Lake Trout In Deep Water

For lake trout, try to stay in 30 to 60 feet and close to shore. You can get a good estimate of the depth.

Going After Summer Lake Trout Put Away The Trolling Gear Outdoor Canada

Get up early, see where the birds are lined up and fish the area thoroughly.

How to catch lake trout in deep water. As a cold water species, perhaps obviously, mackinaw have affinity for deep, cold water much of the year. Rocky or grass outcrops provide quick access to deep water, ideal during early season when the fish are lying deep. When trolling you might think a heavier line will sink deeper.

It has the perfect presentation. Lake trout trolling techniques & best lake trout lures: Correct profile, enticing movement, correct colour, disturbance and depth.

While downriggers are great for trolling for deep water lake trout, you can readily troll in depths up to 60 feet without using downriggers. Lake trout prefer cold deep water lakes, and it’s crucial to get your bait or lure to the depth the trout is feeding. So, when casting into the wind, the trout will be closer than you think.

Ice fishing for lake trout. Catching lake trout in summer is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends and family. When learning how to catch lake trout, it’s important to know that they prefer light lures so consider stocking up on small spinners and spoons.

This often equates to fishing heavy, deep, and relatively passive methods for lake trout using downriggers, line counter reels, and a lot of lead. Juvenile trout are reclusive and will seek out deep water where they feed on plankton and other small aquatic prey. The sound from a boat’s engine can scare them away, so you need at least 150 feet of line and cast far enough ahead that they don’t hear it coming their way.

Down rigging for lake trout; This is my setup for fishing in deep water for trout in lakes. A lot of anglers i know swear by vertical jigging to catch trout, but there are more than a few who have success trolling in deep water.

If you want to try live bait, try night crawlers, salmon eggs, or minnows that mimic their native prey. Fish eating birds like cormorants betray the presence of fish shoals. The fish are generally found near shore, but they can be caught anywhere in the water column including depths of up to 65 feet deep.

Joe is an avid trophy lake trout fisherman in central, or. For your lure, choose a spinner with a weightless lure or opt for salmon or minnows if you prefer live bait. One of the best ways to fish for salmon is by trolling in deep water.

The best way to do this is with lead core line, which is designed to sink faster in the water, and you can even combine lead core line with a snap on weight, such as a dive bomb, to reach maximal depths. Winter is a great time to catch big lake trout on the hard deck through the ice. Sleeping fish way down there.

If you’re targeting lake trout during the day, there are a variety of lures that will get the job done. It ticks all the boxes: But you have a secret weapon.

Joe moritz pictured here with a 20 lb lake trout. Move your boat as slow as it can go to allow your line to descend. Make sure you check out the episode where we use this setup:

This is a great jigging setup for lake trout, and can be used all year round, both during open water and ice fishing season. The nooks and crevices house food. Catching lake trout in summer.

Lake trout prefer to live in the dark deep water of a lake. One of the best jigs for deepwater trout fishing is a big bucktail jig. You also need to select a suitable line.

Make sure the jig has a. In the summer and early fall, it is common to catch lake trout in 60, 80, even 100 or more feet of water. Where & when to fish.

When going after lake trout in the late evening, you’ll typically be dropping jigs deep down. When you drop your line to the bottom, count how many times you let out line. Lake trout prefer to live in large lakes that are deep with cold water.

Here are some great lake trout trolling resources to help get you started. Lake trout techniques for open water trolling; Generally they spawn during the fall season, but this can be affected by the location of the lake and weather patterns.

Lake trout are readily available in large numbers in the cold dark depths of the lake. You might even be able to get it to the bottom of the lake. If you come across a spot and catch a trout, odds are there are more of them there.

That?s a kodak moment right there. White color tube jigs are most effective at triggering lake trout bites, but chartreuse comes in a close second, and you should also experiment with other colors, especially when the bite is slow.

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