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How To Clean A Squirrel Cage Fan

Make sure all parts are de energized! The book stacks were close enough to support the cage with the old motor hanging in between the books.

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Using a toothbrush or paintbrush, you can clean between the fan blades, motor housing, and squirrel cage.

How to clean a squirrel cage fan. However, the cage spins wobbly. There are probably a few different ways of dismantling this, but this way worked okay in our case. You can check this by removing the panel that covers the filter to gain access to the blower or panel on the front of the furnace.

Plenty of leaves and debris in the squirrel cage. Fulltime rv life deep cleaning the rv ac squirrel cage. Three roll down and up clear plastic curtains, ends held closed with spring clamps and the fan that exausted out one removable panel in the overhead door.

Very hazardous work!i show how to very. I already know the only way im going to slow them down is by changing the motors for lower rpms or using a. Your vacuum will be good to keep the dust down and suck up the clump of dust that gets left behind.

Now unbolt the back cover to see what kind of condition. The fan is accessed through the bottom of this housing. After all the motor mounting bolts and set screws have been removed, you can slide the motor out of the squirrel cage mount.

For those others who like me didn't understand what to look for, the big round heater sitting right behind the glove box houses the fan. Then use a small cresent wrench on the flat part of the shaft to spin it while holding the squirrel cage to make sure its lose. You will need an industrial size vacuum cleaner and a soft brush attachment to remove any debris from your squirrel cage fan.

Reinstall the grill and turn on the circuit breaker. Before you start banging on the motor shaft going through the squirrel cage loosen the set screw and clean the shaft with some sand paper and spray it down with wd40 or whatever you have on hand. I have a faber hood fan.

Clean blower assembly, belts and pulleys to blower, and motor housing. Using a toothbrush or paint brush, you can clean between the fan blades, motor housing and squirrel cage. To clean blower, remove panel that covers filter to.

The fan should slide off the motor’s shaft. Also, ensure you have protective gear such as goggles and gloves. There really isn’t much to cleaning the fan in your furnace once it’s out of the unit.

I used a punch and struck the motor shaft a couple of times to free the cage from the old motor. Your vacuum will be good to keep the dust down and suck up the clump of dust that gets left behind. Pull the motor out while holding onto the fan.

Disconnect the motor capacitor wires, then remove the screws securing the motor to the unit’s housing. If you have neighbors close by this is a must. Use the crevice tool to vacuum inside the fan blade unit.

There really isn't much to cleaning the fan in your furnace once it's out of the unit. How should i clean my squirrel cage fan? Be sure to clean between each pair of blades.

I put the cage on the new motor by using a small block of wood, and taping the wook gentle to press the cage into place on the motor shaft. The updated pics were a big help. Below are two photos of the cleaned squirrel cage fan.

In our second photo you can see a. Wash the grill under water, and dry it thoroughly. I can't imagine this is normal.

We did make a wood frame around the motor and used oil furnace filters on the sides and top to trap the paint overspray and keep the yard clean. Work at your own risk and under the direct supervision of an a/c professional! I worked maintenance as electromech for many years.

The squirrel cage will fall off inside the housing. If crud builds up in the squirrel cage fan of ductless units it can be easily blown out using an air nozzle and a pancake compressor. Cleaning the fan and motor.

There is 2 small squirrel cage style fans. How do you remove a fan from a blower motor? At least it worked on one of my units.

The air pressure regulator was tuned back to 75psi. 550cfm each so yeah they do spin pretty quick. Pulling the motor off and leaving the squirrel cage inside the housing.

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