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How To Drill Out A Lock Core

For operator safety, most manufacturers recommend drilling over 67mm be done with the drill mounted in a stand. Always turn on the water (always use clean water) before turning on the motor.

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You are going to need a drill bit almost as large as the cyl.

How to drill out a lock core. Depending on the lock, it might be hardened steel. Once you finish drilling, you can then turn the core to the control position, and the lock can be pulled out (it might take some persuading,so have patience) and then you can insert a new core, preferably one with a control key. How to drill out a lock with a key in it.

One for the user key and one for the control key. Today we watch uriah leading from the front by drilling out best ic cores and replacing them with cores set to a new key. Face in order to destoy all of the actuator.

In (pic 2) the red arrow is pointing to the lock tab which is spring loaded. If that doesn't work, drill it. Drill out face of cylinder.

We start with the smallest, dead center and drill, then we move up in sizes! The last chamber and damage the plate the core prongs go into on the back of the cylinder. If you drill further through the lock keyway cyl you will drill off the actuater on the end of the cyl core that holds the spring and the lock should open.

The cylinder is the bit of the lock that. If you have a snapped key, again, drilling is the last resort. In searching this forum found some ten year old info on the subject which said:

About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators. In addition to this there are different types of ic core locks lfic and sfic. Since you don't seem to have a use for the rack though you might be okay with this.

To do that, you'll need a decent drill, and a big bit, as you are attempting. The internals should then just slide out and the lock is basically useless. Working with interchangeable cores when keys are not available.

Place a piece of masking tape over the lock. Never stand on a rig to hold it down, as this causes a 'ribbing' effect on the core, and the bit will eventually bind up in the hole. Press it down firmly, so you can see the small circular area in the center of the barrel.

Continue drilling at a slow speed until you feel the drill bit catch the latch bar, which will pop open the lock. How to drill a barrel lock. Drill into the lock at medium speed for approximately 3/4 inch.

We use a drill and 3 different drill bits 1/8, 1/4 and 11/32 they are made of cobalt. Inside the cylinder is a metal housing for all the pins and springs to stay in, which in turn go up and down with the cuts into the key blank. As they get hotter they can expand and the lock can literally grab down on the bit (sort of like when an engine overheats).

To order a replacement lock, use the part number # thlocknxxx and replace the x's with. Best is a common brand of interchan. However, you're drilling out metal (which expands when it gets hot) and there are moving parts on the inside of a lock so it's not hard for your bit to get stuck.

Eventually, with some careful drilling and not too much colorful language (i hope), you'll get to the point where you can remove the remainder of the core with a small screwdriver and some needle nose pliers. Choose the right drill bit. A steady hand and a good sharp tipped punch at the top of the keyway, light taps on the punch in the direction of turn.

When you drill this out with a 1/4 inch drill bit, it will shred it all to pieces inside it. The idea is to remove as much as the lock core as possible without chewing up the cylinder than holds the lock core. Can you drill out a master lock?

Please just keep in mind that drilling out the lock cores isn't something the manufacturer recommends as it could damage the feet if you aren't extremely careful. As you drill you start heating up the bit and the lock. It can damage the lock beyond repair if you get it wrong.

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