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How To Use A Raccoon Trap

This video describes how to properly set dog proof coon traps to maximize your catch. Near the back of the cage is a trip pan, and when the raccoon steps on this trip pan it triggers a spring that then slams the door of the cage shut, thus trapping the raccoon inside—trapping it alive.

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This is a simple type of trap with a loop of cord placed so that it tightens around the animal's neck, which is then fixed to a fence post or stake.

How to use a raccoon trap. Before catching a raccoon, secure trash bins and clean up any potential food sources to ensure your bait is the only attractant. Your trap should be sturdy and shouldn’t wobble under your weight. You'll want to make sure the trap doesn't rock back and forth when the raccoon walks inside.

When aiming to trap a raccoon in the water, it is best to use bait like carp, fish oil, fish juice, shellfish oil and salmon oil; Know where the trap is, where the raccoon is and to avoid these areas. I can tell you right off the bat that that’s a bad choice, but i.

It may not be necessary to make use of bait when trying to trap a raccoon that lives in a house attic. The more traps employed, the quicker you catch raccoons. It also includes tips and where to set your traps as well as what to ba.

If you can press your leg against your trap and bend the frame, then given enough. Place the trap next to the trail. Although there are many different sizes and styles to choose from, the #1.5 coil spring trap is in my opinion the best choice.

Remember, the raccoon will not get into the trap if it’s wobbly. Carefully position the cage in a covered area. Make sure it is designed for raccoons and has the correct bat inside it when you set it.

If you can figure out where the raccoon den is, place the cage close to it. You'll want to get a trap that allows you to pick it up with a handle once the raccoon is trapped inside. Return later to see if the raccoon has been trapped.

The live cage trap is the. You’re obviously reading this because you’re looking to make a raccoon trap to solve your critter problem. Don't use kill traps if you can avoid it.

You are to install a raccoon trap in the area near a raccoon’s burrow, or its hunting trail. Although a sweet bait would also work. For maximum results, you can use more than one trap and place them at different.

Any raccoon trap that you can purchase should do the trick. Using a foothold trap near a river, stream or ditch bank is a great way to catch a raccoon. The #1.5 coil spring offers tremendous speed and power while still being compact and easy to set.

Click here to hire a local raccoon removal expert in your home town. Look for fresh tracks where the critters frequent. You can start with one trap.

Plus, it has smaller diameter mesh on the rear of the trap which prevents the raccoons from reaching through the trap and stealing your bait. When this works correctly, it kills the raccoon quite quickly, but because of the risk of other animal casualties, this should be left to the experts. Place the trap on a flat surface in your attic.

Raccoons can be both frightening and sweet, depending on the situation. Put the cage in a manner that would ensure the raccoon certainly noticing the food inside the cage and lift the door, locking it. Start by placing the trap next to your garbage on a flat surface.

Such locations include deck trellis, holes in fences, crawl spaces, or sheds. How to trap a raccoon. Raccoon carcasses can be very odorous and attract larger wildlife.

Most preferably trapping a raccoon inside one room so its not free to run around in the house then put your trap in the room with the raccoon with some food in it. How to set a raccoon trap. These animals can infiltrate your house, and people choose to set up a trap so that the raccoons can be killed or caught.

The key to a good set is placing the trap in the path of a raccoon. Lay out the bait on the trail, so that the animal is not full before it reaches the trap. A safe and surefire way to catch a raccoon is by using a live trap;

Select a raccoon trap » determine trap placement » set and bait trap ». Trapping a raccoon in a live trap is a humane way to remove one of these destructive critters from your property. This type of raccoon trap comes in a wide variety of presentations, and we recommend choosing one with double doors for a better chance of the animal walking into it, making sure that it also comes with tight mesh to prevent the raccoon from reaching out and harming you.

Raccoons in the wild cannot be housed as pets in houses. If you have 10 or more raccoons being targeted, use 2 or 3 traps. Though raccoons eat just about anything, using bread or marshmallows in your trap will decrease the chance of trapping your neighbor’s cat.

Watch out for baby raccoons! But read the below advice first! Some large traps are able to hold raccoons for a short time before raccoons destroy them and escape.

If you have no idea where the den is, place the trap anywhere you’ve seen a raccoon around the house. Make sure that the trap is away from anything the raccoon might use to grab once it has been captured and is inside the trap. With a large cage trap, the raccoon is lured in by some type of food, known as bait.

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